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About us


The UNIC Institute (formerly the Institute of the History of Cultures) was established in 1990 by Nelly Popova and well-known Russian philologist and culture expert, Sergei Averintsev. By establishing the Institute, the founders aimed to offer students a complete liberal arts education focused on personal development. While new technology is changing the way students learn and the way lessons are structured, the Institute’s ethos – individually tailored learning strategies for each student – remains unchanged.

The Institute currently offers the following areas of study:

  • Cultural Studies
  • Journalism
  • Psychology
  • Design
  • Linguistics

The Institute has over 2000 Russian and international students from 165 cities in Russia and around the world.

Distance education

The Institute has spent the past 9 years actively developing its online learning systems. Thanks to this program, students all over the world (including Russian students not based in Moscow) have had the opportunity to receive a high-quality education in Russian. We use only the latest technologies and services in our online courses (WebEx, Moodle), enabling students and teachers to collaborate closely online. Students work in small groups in order to maximize effectiveness.


Cultural Studies

The Faculty of Cultural Studies produces specialists in the field of cultural studies, curators and art critics. Graduates of the Faculty of Cultural Studies work in major museums around the country (e.g. Tretyakov Gallery, State Historical Museum). They also take part in leading cultural projects in radio, television and the print media.

Students are able to specialise in one of two areas:

  • “Critique and curatorship in contemporary art”
    This is the only program of its kind in Russia. Students learn to analyse works of art in a cultural context, write critiques, and manage projects and exhibitions.
  • “Publishing”
    Students learn the art of the book, the basics of creating and editing text, and the basics of publishing.

Course features

The unique study program offered by the Faculty is based on immersion in the era being studied. That is, all the subjects studied (philosophy, history, literature, mythology, foreign languages) correspond to a certain era, which enables the student to create a three-dimensional picture of their understanding of history.


The Faculty of Journalism was established by a group of professional print media journalists.
After graduating, our students go on to work in the print and electronic media as journalist as editors.

Students are able to choose from one of the following areas of specialisation:

  • Online journalism
  • Glossy journalism
  • Fashion journalism
  • Business journalism
  • Sports journalism

Course features

Students are taught by professional journalists and have the opportunity to work for leading Russian publications, such as Lenta.ru, Russkiy Reportyor, Chastny Korrespondent, Novye Izvestia, Cosmopolitan, and Bolshoi Gorod.
Students are introduced to the practice of journalism as early as during their first semester of study.

In the second year of the course, students have opportunities to publish their work in Russian publications


The Faculty of Psychology trains students to work as psychologists for the following sectors:

  • Health care – private counselling, receiving patients in psychological treatment centres.
  • Education – providing psychological support to students and teachers.
  • Business – providing training for companies wishing to improve their talent management, coaching, and employee evaluation.
  • Security agencies (EMERCOM, FSB, Russian Interior Ministry) – helping staff to overcome post-traumatic stress; selection, training and certification of personnel.
  • The prison system – providing psychological support to staff and performing psychological examinations

Fields of study

  • Social psychology
  • Personality psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Psychology of management

Features of the Faculty of Psychology:

The UNIC Institute’s Faculty of Psychology was the first in Russia to offer psychology courses remotely

80% of the teaching staff is made up of practicing psychologists.


We have drawn upon the experience of the world’s leading universities in the field of design in creating our courses.
Workshops form the basis of our students’ learning, as it is in these workshops that professional designers share their experience and knowledge with the students. Graduates of the Faculty of Design go on to become graphic designers and interior decorators.

The Faculty offers two areas of specialisation:

  • Digital and Graphic Design
  • Interior Design (architecture) and Product Design

Course features

All teachers are professional designers

Training in groups of 10-15 students. Practical workshops. Employment opportunities for students from as early as the 2nd semester.


This faculty is home to the Department of Translation and the Department of Foreign Languages. Our Department of Translation is the only one in Russia that offers high quality remote instruction in translation studies.

In 3rd year, students are able to specialise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Literary translation
  • Medical translation
  • Political translation
  • Business translation
  • Legal translation
  • Financial and economic translation
  • Technical translation
  • Film translation

The Department of Foreign Languages produces specialists in the field of Business English to work for foreign companies in the tourism, hospitality, PR and advertising industries.

Course features

All teachers have MAs in TESL. Apart from being awarded a degree from the Institute upon successful completion of the program, this course also prepares students to pass the international TOEFL exam.

Contact us

  • Public Relations Service
  • Tel.: +7 (495) 280-11-32; 8-800-333-29-26
  • Email: unic@unic.edu.ru