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Cultural Studies

The Faculty of Cultural Studies produces specialists in the field of cultural studies, curators and art critics. Graduates of the Faculty of Cultural Studies work in major museums around the country (e.g. Tretyakov Gallery, State Historical Museum). They also take part in leading cultural projects in radio, television and the print media.

Students are able to specialise in one of two areas:

  • “Critique and curatorship in contemporary art”
    This is the only program of its kind in Russia. Students learn to analyse works of art in a cultural context, write critiques, and manage projects and exhibitions.
  • “Publishing”
    Students learn the art of the book, the basics of creating and editing text, and the basics of publishing.

Course features

The unique study program offered by the Faculty is based on immersion in the era being studied. That is, all the subjects studied (philosophy, history, literature, mythology, foreign languages) correspond to a certain era, which enables the student to create a three-dimensional picture of their understanding of history.