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Breaking Stereotypes

Интенсивный онлайн-курс «Разрушая стереотипы»

Breaking Stereotypes (Introduction to Intercultural Communication)

На данный момент запись на курс не идет.

Тип курса: дистанционный курс

Место проведения: интернет

Даты: по мере набора группы

Расписание: по субботам с 12-40 до 14-40

Тематика: английский язык

Обязательно условие: уровень владения языком не ниже Pre-Intermediate

Количество занятий: 12 вебинаров* по 3 ак.часа

Документ: Сертификат (после сдачи итогового задания)

Стоимость: 8900 руб. 

Есть вопросы? Пишите на почту unickursy@unic.edu.ru

Instructor: Johanna I.de Mendoza

Жанна де Мендоса

Лингвист-переводчик, преподаватель английского и испанского языков с большим стажем преподавательской деятельности в России и за рубежом.

Pre-requisites: You do not need to know anything about intercultural communication to thrive in this course. This course is taught and examined in English. 

Course duration: 36 academic hours (12 webinars) 

Course description: This course is a highly interactive class, designed to provide a survey of intercultural communication theory and practice, and to develop your understanding of communication between/among people of different cultural backgrounds

Objectives: At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand how culture affects communication and recognize the role of culture in shaping the nature of interpersonal relationships
  • To identify challenges that arise from these differences in intercultural interactions and learn ways to creatively address them
  • Understand the importance of verbal and non-verbal behavior when communicating across cultures
  • Use acquired knowledge and communication skills to overcome the communication barriers posed by culture

Course syllabus/ Major Topics

1. Why Study Intercultural Communication?

2. Cultural Differences? Or, Are We Really That Different? (Towards a typology of cultures)

3. Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating © (what is communication? the effects of culture differences on communication)

4. Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind (Verbal communication)

5. The truth is written all over our faces (non-verbal communication)

6. Overcoming stereotypes

7. Assimilation, Mass Communication, and Sojourning

8. Global village: learning to live in a multicultural world